We are currently unable to do tandem jumps

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Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)

At Arkansas Airsports, we teach new jumpers with the Instructor Assisted Deployment Method or IAD. We follow the USPA method of instruction. 

The IAD method allows for instructors to easily deploy students' parachutes. You will go through 6 hour ground school to learn everything there is to know about your first solo skydive and to land safely. Subsequent IAD jumps will be made until student is cleared for solo supervised freefall.

Students will be provided with all gear, such as parachute rig, altimeter, goggles, jumpsuit, and radio. Once students are cleared for solo supervision (no longer require instructor), gear can then be rented. 

A Tandem Skydive is highly recommended before learning to skydive solo.


Ground School - $100

1st IAD Jump (CAT A)- $95

Subsequent IAD jumps (CAT B - C) - $100

Student Jumps (CAT D - H) - $85

Coach Jumps - $60

Gear Rental - $25

Solo Supervised jumps - $25

Main Parachute Pack Job - $10 (For students, after Category D)

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IAD Method

Here is a video of a recent IAD student's first jump!